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Administrative Services

Your day is busy enough without the added burden of managing the administrative duties of your background screening program. Whether it’s scheduling fingerprinting services, providing analytics or statistical reports, scheduling lab services or sending pre-adverse/adverse action letters, we offer streamlined services to make your job easier. By partnering with CSS, you can trust our team is always available to alleviate the time-consuming administrative tasks which will give you back some time to focus on other aspects of your job and increase productivity.

CSS can provide a specific solution that best suits your needs, and will provide resources which include:

  • Adjudication
  • Child / Adult Abuse
  • Compliance / Consulting
  • Custom Reporting
  • e-Requisitions
  • Fingerprinting
  • Outcome Reporting
  • And Much More

Compliance Services

CSS is committed to providing our clients with the latest compliance legislation and has some of the best knowledge experts and legal resources in the industry to provide insight on best hiring practices to minimize our clients’ risk of any unwanted liabilities.

CSS stays abreast of all FCRA, federal and state law updates through our network of industry and legal experts, as well as through updates from the NAPBS. In all areas, we utilize FCRA compliant processes, documents, authorization forms, and make any updates that FCRA-related changes may dictate. Our dedicated team of compliance professionals assists our clients in navigating the employment screening regulatory laws and can provide you with information and tools you need to stay in compliance.

Our compliance team members hold FCRA certifications and will work with you to address any risks, which include:

  • Dispute Management
  • Document Library
  • Individualized Assessment
  • Lab Service Scheduling
  • Pre-Adverse/Adverse Delivery

At CSS, our goal is to keep our clients informed of the ever-changing regulatory landscape. As your partner, we will guide your team and provide them with the proper knowledge and tools to operate an efficient and compliant employment screening program.

Outcome Reporting

The measurement of outcomes is used to define program benchmarks and evaluate the success of the program. The ultimate goal of any rehabilitation program is to help participants regain their quality of life. Our Outcome Reports help our clients track the data and knowledge to give them the confidence their programs are providing the maximum level of assistance to promote functional independence for their participants. Our outcome reporting capabilities have also helped our clients by providing the much-needed data to measure success and continue funding requests. Let CSS create efficiencies and give your staff back the time by compiling data and results regardless of laboratory or testing methodology into a comprehensive report to provide the analytics your organization needs to make your programs the most successful in the industry.

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