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The legal notion of rights to privacy originated in the 19thcentury and continues to be refined in on-going legal cases as our society evolves. Protection is afforded through various Constitutional amendments, including the First, Fourth and Fourteenth, and centers on the “private home as a core component”. Detailed laws are subject to great debate concerning what […]

Recently the Boston Globe reported that background checks and rescreens for child care workers will undergo a stringent change in Massachusetts. While there are federal lifetime bans in place, that disqualify hiring certain individuals at child care centers based on the most serious crimes, new state mandates will allow regulators to request review of records […]

The statistics are staggering.The US Surgeon General and the National Safety Council reports: nearly 21 million Americans are living with substance addiction, with 75% of those individuals being employed. “One in 13 working adults in the US have an alcohol use disorder” with an estimated $74 billion lost annually from reduced productivity.

The company is starting to establish its roots. It started with a trusted team and now it’s time to expand. Expanding with more employees, however, now means more hands in the cookie jar, so to speak. How does an organization protect what they’ve built, but at the same time create a positive experience for job seekers?

“Having a solid understanding of compliance and legal standards related to hiring procedures adds a level of protection to employers from wrongful hiring practice lawsuits, and also protects candidates as they pursue new employment opportunities,” says Mike Chalenski, CSS President and CEO. “We are excited to be able to offer our clients access to this level of advice to further strengthen their background screening programs, which ultimately can lead to a smoother hiring process.”

This changes everything.  Sure, we’ve heard that before—from machine learning to AI, and robotics to gig workers, they were going to change everything too yet here we are—largely unchanged.  Better in a lot of ways for the technology, but still, largely unchanged.  The latest ‘change it all term’ is block chain.  Will it really?  What […]

My friend is a notoriously bad driver. Repeat accidents, moving violations, high insurance premiums, consistent tickets and fines. So it was no surprise that he was automatically excluded from applying for a package delivery driver position this past holiday season. It was clearly a pre-requisite to have a clean driving record as part of the […]

For the second straight year, CSS Inc. was ranked a top screening provider by HRO Today Baker’s Dozen. HRO Today is a leading national publication for human resources decision makers and each year acknowledges the nation’s top 13 screening companies. The Baker’s Dozen ratings are determined by customer satisfaction feedback collected from current customers based […]

Based on a study conducted by HRO Today magazine in accordance with CSS Inc., the infographic explains the difference between the NAPBS member logo and the NAPBS Accreditation logo. CSS is not only a Member, but is also proudly Accredited by the NAPBS. This recognition stands as the background screening industry’s “seal”; representing CSS Inc.’s commitment […]

  Based on a study conducted by HRO Today magazine in accordance with CSS Inc., the infographic explains the level of importance of services offered by a screening provider. CSS offers all of the products and services presented in the infographic above. Our industry-leading 360 Advantage approach unifies background screening, drug testing, administrative solutions, and […]

Joann Cox, CSS Director of Background Operations, expresses the importance of technology and accuracy of data in screening and why companies can trust CSS to provide industry-leading screening services.   1. Why is it important for companies to partner with a screening provider that has a cutting-edge platform to make orders?   “Technology plays a […]

Michelle Hartwell (CSS Director, Test Division) explains the importance of implementing drug screening programs into the hiring process and why companies can trust CSS to help them implement the best drug screening program possible to drive results.   1. Why do you think drug screening programs are vital to implementing into a company’s hiring process? […]