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Employee Monitoring

Monitoring an employee post-hire is just as important to keep a safe and productive work environment at your company. Pre-employment screening only provides information on what a candidate has done, but NOT what they are doing while employed at your company. At CSS, we are an industry best at delivering excellent post-hire monitoring solutions to our clients. Our solutions are specifically designed to help you and your company maintain and protect the brand and culture you worked so hard to build.

“CSS has gone way above and beyond any expectation that I have set for them.”
- Prominent IT Consulting Group

Drug Test Monitoring

Our innovative methods, products, and testing solutions were created to help employers establish a drug-free workplace while remaining compliant with the law. Our testing methods and products are effective and reliable and offer on-site testing. Search our Drug Testing products and services to see what opportunities CSS can offer your HR Department today.

Ongoing Criminal Record Monitoring

The employees you hire today may have a clean criminal record, but what happens down the road if one of your employees does get a criminal record? Our ongoing criminal monitoring service checks the records of your employees to confirm their continued eligibility.

Workforce Monitoring

CSS goes beyond your pre-employment needs to provide ongoing solutions to help you monitor your employees and reduce the exposure to liability. Whether it's for regulatory requirements or your internal standard procedures, CSS has you covered with screenings that best meet your needs.

Services Include:

  • Global Homeland
  • Medical Sanctions
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • OFAC (Terrorist Watch List)
  • Professional Licensing Monitoring
  • SAM.gov
  • And Much More

No matter where you are located, you can schedule a free consultation with us today!

CSS has worked with businesses in multiple countries all over the world. We can build customized international screening solutions to meet your organizational needs. We also provide services to businesses with multiple locations in different countries.

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